Hello! My name is Ruth, very pleased to meet you (I think). I’m first and foremost a child of God and secondly a young wife to a wonderful husband, and mommy to my baby girl. I’m an introvert at heart (unless I am in Disney World, than I magically become an extrovert) who loves spending time with her family. I want to use this blog as an opportunity to share my personal journey from western medicine to a more natural course in managing my struggles with depression and anxiety. But I will put a disclaimer out there, I am not a doctor and I have no training in the field of mental health. Everything I am doing is purely experimental on my part, after I consulted with my own doctor and therapist. If you need help, consult a doctor immediately! That being said I hope everyone takes an active role in managing their health. Now, is it too cheesy to ask you to come along with me on this journey? Yeah, I think it is. I’m gonna throw it out there anyway.

Fall Fun


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