Change is Good

When I started this blog I had no idea how many people would read it. And I’ve been pleasantly shocked by how it’s been received! Hearing from people and knowing I could be helping, even with just words of encouragement has been a blessing.

Well. I’m shutting it all down.

  I’m getting rid of the blog.

Because Change is Good.

I kind of want to cry because this blog is my “word baby”.


Something better is ready for everyone. 

You see. I’ve collaborated with my two beautiful sisters. Trust me… They purty…. And we have started a blog to help focus those who may need help in areas of physical, mental, and spiritual health. And we’ve tossed some funny stuff and recipes in along the way. I am moving my blog and am at the helm of the “mental health” section of our new blog. 

I don’t want to disappoint anyone, I know change is hard. BUT I want every single one of you to check out our new blog The Darling Girls, and follow it! If you thought my stuff was somewhat interesting… Just wait til it’s combined with my sisters’ work. You will be floored.

Don’t worry. Melvin will be part of this new adventure.