Full Disclosure: It’s All About ME

So. I was expecting my next post to be the second part of the “guest-on” series by my husband and I… Funny part is, my husband’s portion has been done for weeks… I’ve just been too lazy to add to it, and then I decided…. I should post in on Valentine’s Day because of twue wove and stuff.

Ok. That being said. What is this post about? Well, my minions, it’s somewhat of a self-centered post. If you look back into one of my original posts where I talked about switching my diet around (you can read the original post here), I explain what I would be eating and why. Then, in a later post, I briefly explained the progress made in my new eating habits. Well today I’m going to expand a tad.

As most of you know, I’m kind of crazy. Like mentally cray cray. If you are one of the people that don’t know, you can read about it here. I was desperate to do anything to get back to normal and so I did a drastic diet change and after a month I stuck to some main components that are now my diet for what I can only assume will be the rest of my life.

  • Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Cut out as much processed food as possible
  • Mainly veg and fruits
  • A great undenatured protein superfood shake

Now. This is what I have to say. I didn’t do this with major weight loss in mind. I did it for mental stability. Obviously weight loss was an added bonus because I was carrying A TON of baby weight and I’m a stereotypical woman who is always up for losing a few pounds. But here’s the thing. I have gained mental stability that I’ve not had before and I did it without medication. And I did it in a time in my life where I lived in constant high stress. And I mean constant. People who have had a baby, you know what I mean. People who have had depression, you know what I mean. People who have had financial distress, you know what I mean. People who have a dog that you haven’t given a bath to in a VERY long time, you know what I mean. And yet, I was able to keep going. Of course I had horrible times, but I honestly believe that God gave me the right people, and the right food to help my mind and body. And he obviously gave me His Word to rely on through out it all.

This picture blows my mind though. The one on the left is me a little over two years ago. I was running quite regularly and eating what I thought was a healthy diet. The picture in the middle is little over 6 months ago a few days after I gave birth to my baby girl. And the picture on the right is me from a few days ago, 6 1/2 months postpartum. What’s different? My diet. THE WEIGHTLOSS HAPPENED ON ITS OWN OK DONT JUDGE ME. And for those people who tell me it is stupid or unrealistic to keep the diet I have all I can say is this, why do you care? I have done my best to gain mental stability without medication. And I honestly believe that this just shows what eliminating horrible food from your diet can do…. I feel like the picture from over two years ago shows my bodily reaction to healthy diet including gluten and sugar! (Does that sentence make sense?) I feel healthier and stronger. I have never felt less exhausted then I do now and my baby has yet to sleep through the night. I started training for a marathon 2 weeks ago. And I’m eating and drinking yummy and healthy stuff. I have exclusively breastfed my baby for 6 1/2 months and she’s happy and healthy and I know she’s getting the nutrients she needs.

Ok. Dramatic post done. Also sorry for linking so many past posts.

 I am not a doctor or physician, but I consulted both before starting my journey. If you need help consult the professionals immediately! I have no training. The professionals do and they are there to help!


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