Drama Queen Teaser

So I may be getting over zealous with my posting considering I have been absent for a zillion years, but tonight my Marine and I are going on a date. Yay. Major yay. It’s been many moons since we have gone on one. Anyway, in preparation for the date I thought I’d share this little video. The one where it finally becomes public that I am a Drama Queen, I mean just watch how I prance around and flick my wrists like Hermione from Harry Potter. (Side note, hey married women, remember back when you first started dating your husband and you would spend days before hand planning your outfit and hair and makeup and then the day of you’d eat an apple and 2 celery sticks to make sure you looked hawt for the date? Hahaha yeah me neither, pass the mayo) Anyway, my poor husband (who is slightly embarrassed that I’m posting this video because he looks like such an unsalty boot what with his Lance Corporal chevron and like 1 ribbon- I’m still proud of him!) was probably terrified when I walked away!


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